LPGA Amateurs Chapter Championship

LPGA Amateurs Championship



Championship Overview


The LPGA Amateurs Championship is the largest women’s amateur golf tournament in the world.  Played in three stages, participation requires an official USGA Handicap Index and is for LPGA Amateurs members only.  Handicaps maintained on the LPGA Amateurs system do qualify and this is a stroke play tournament.



  • The Chapter Champion Ship, an 18-hole qualifying round – 1st Stage Qualifier
  • The Semi-Final Championship, an 18-hole qualifying round – 2nd Stage Qualifier
  • The LPGA Amateurs Championship Finals, a 36-hole final – 3rd Stage (Finals)



There are two divisions in the tourney:  Individual Stroke Play and Scramble Team.  Individuals are put in flights based on handicaps.  Scramble teams are assigned a “computation factor” based on team members’ handicaps, which calculates the equivalent of a net score for the team.  There are no flights.


Qualification for Semi-Finals


LPGA Amateurs has created a great website specifically for this tournament: 
“LPGA Amateurs Chapter Championship”.  This is where you will register for our chapter championship, but you will also find a lot more information about the tourney.  So I will summarize just a few things.


The low gross and low net winners of each of FIVE stroke play flights are eligible to advance.  Winners are not required to advance.  If a winner chooses not to advance, the runner-up is allowed to advance.  New this year, TWO scramble teams will be able to advance…the first and second place teams as determined by the computation factor adjusted scores.  Given turnout in past years, just about everyone who competes in our chapter will advance…think about it! 


St. Louis is in the Eastern Midwest Division and our semi-finals will be played in Kingsport, TN.  




The fee is $115 per person.  This is composed of a $60 charge assessed by the LPGA Amateurs, and the course fee for the round (including cart and range balls) makes up the $55.  Bear in mind that this helps to defray all of the administrative costs incurred by “National” to put on a tournament of this nature. 


Final Word


This is a first class tournament.  I have played at the chapter level and have even qualified to advance to regionals one year.  I have enjoyed the travel, players and courses tremendously and you will too!  Contact me at schaefernatalie63@gmail.com if you need any more encouragement!