The LPGA Cup - Match Play Event

The LPGA Amateur Cup is an amateur match play competition conducted under the direction of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Competition is conducted in two stages of play:

  • Cup Qualifier  – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes of Singles** completed over 2 days to determine the teams that will advance to The Cup Finals. Regional Qualifiers will be held during September and October. 
  • National Championship - The Cup Finals – 18 holes of Four-Ball* and 18 holes Singles** completed over 2 days.

The LPGA Amateurs St. Louis Chapter sends a team of 8 to the Regional Cup Qualifier.  Unlike The Championship, there is no Chapter competition to select the team of 8.  However, during the golf season, we will host several playdates with an emphasis on Match Play, so we can all learn and practice Match Play rules in a fun, non-competitive environment.  For more information on The Cup or Match Play competition, please contact Becky Pecher who is organizing our summer Match Play fun events.  Or, you may contact Natalie Schafer.  Both ladies have participated in the The LPGA Amateurs Cup and other tournaments for many years.

You may click the link below to review The LPGA Amateurs Cup webpage for more details.