Kathy Langan 2013

  Kathy Langan hit a Hole-In-One on August 30, 2013 during a Friday afternoon playdate at Ruth Park Golf Course in University City.  This event was witnessed by new EWGA friends, Deb Cannon and Peggy Miller.  Kathy hit her first hole-in-one on hole # 8 which was approximately 125 yards.  She hit a high, arching shot.  The ball landed hard on the green digging a nice sized "basement" inches from the hole, then just hopped in the hole.

And, to think that Kathy almost gave up her golf playdate to start the Labor Day Holiday weekend early at the Lake.

Congratulations to Kathy Langan, EWGA Member since August 19, 2013, on this great achievement!

Kathy Langan's